An Idea For Your X-mas List.

Choosing a gift for a friend is something complicated for me. It could be a real headache for a beer geek if you want to be original. Personally, my opinion of a gift is that is has to be consumable or practical.

Santa Claus and the Internet will come to our help this year with the Splat Stan beer coaster. My brother offered me one for my birthday and I find it cool enough to share this idea with you.

Here is the commercial description on the website:

Stan was happy and completely oblivious to the dangerous conditions. There were heavy drinks being hoisted and lowered all around him, yet he always felt perfectly safe. Then Stan got splatted by a giant pint. Now the only thing he can do is protect your table top from tea and coffee stains. He was never the smartest fellow but now he’s a clever coaster for your mugs and glasses.

Splat Stan

If you’re nice, it might be under your Christmas tree.

Joyeuses fêtes