Bailey's Taproom Makes Hip-Hop Video

Tip of the hat to¬† for pointing us toward this video. Two of Bailey’s Taproom‘s finest beertenders Michael O’Connor (also a contributor to Brewpublic) directed this video with hip-hop outfit Black Sleep featuring Bailey’s beer slinger Bill Munighan (second emcee to spit on the track).

For O’Connor, an accomplished student of film, this is not his first rodeo. The back-packer indie hip-hop cut “Astro Creeps” is just one example of his production abilities in his growing arsenal. You may remember a popular NW Film School video short O’Connor did, “Beer Porn” featured here on this very site.

As’s Anthony Garcia points out in their post, Portland is a city filled with so many multifaceted and multi-talented individuals and collectives. Beertenders are artists. Artists are mixologists (Garcia himself doubles as a wine sommelier who has worked at The Heathman and current works at Noisette of Portland) The fun and creativity never seems to run dry.

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The Bailey's Fellas. Bill and Michael @ Amnesia