Block 15 Snozzberry and Sticky Hands Bottle Release

Snozzberry Bottles

On Saturday April 5th, Block 15 Restaurant and Brewery will be hosting another bottle release at their brewpub in downtown Corvallis. This month’s releases feature Snozzberry and a fresh batch of their ever popular Sticky Hands.

Bottles will be available upon the pub’s opening at 11:00am. There will be a 3 bottle limit per beer and both beers will be on draft so you can decide before purchasing a few bottles.

Here’s some more info on the beers being released on Saturday from Block 15.

This wild ale was matured in French oak barrels with freshly pick snozzberries for five hundred days, three hours, and 15 seconds. This is an eccentric beer, at time showing notes of peach and strawberry, at other times mango and raspberry, sometimes farmhouse and blackberry, but always snozzberry.  Wonderfully fruity, farmy and tarty!
8.25% ABV – 38 cases 375ml, waxed dipped – $9.50/bottle.

Sticky Hands, The Hop Experience Ale
Block 15’s hop experience ale features ample additions of sticky, resinous, lupulin packed hop buds.  A hop decrescendo that begins with a blast of tropical fruits, dank herbs, and citrus aromas leading into intense hop flavor before ending with a receding bitter finish.  After a year working on the recipe we are coming very close to our envisioned beer.  The aroma, flavor, and bitterness are near perfect balance, showcasing NW hops.
8.25% ABV – $8.50/750mlBottle

Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery
300 SW Jefferson
Corvallis, OR 97333