Breakside Announces Collaborator Fest

Lisa Morrison and Ben Edmunds

Breakside Brewery has put together a series of one-off collaboration beers to be released as part of a small “Collaboration Fest” on June 4th. These beers have been brewed with well known members of the community who are not currently themselves brewers, and include beer writer John Foyston; beer media personality and author Lisa Morrison; the staff of world class beer bar Saraveza; and Brewpublic contributor and LOLA (Ladies of Lagers and Ales) founder Margaret Lut.

Each collaborator was asked to design a beer of their choosing with very little restriction; they then met with Edmunds to hammer out the details of a recipe that would be brewed as a 3 bbl batch on the Breakside system. The featured collaboration beers will be Foyston’s Oregon Steam, an American amber ale featuring all Oregon malts and hops; Morrison’s Meyer Lemon Kölsch; Saraveza’s strong saison brewed with Northwest hops; and Lut’s beet ale.

Breakside BreweryAdditionally, Breakside’s cocktail beers—done with the founders of the Brewing Up Cocktails series—will be on tap for the June 4th event as well. The beers will all debut on June 4th at noon, with special pricing on sampler trays of the collaboration series and the various collaborators on hand to discuss the beers. The beers will also be available as normal pours throughout the day, and all of them will rotate on and off tap at Breakside (and other bars) throughout the summer. Additional details regarding the Collaboration Fest, including food specials and more detailed beer descriptions, will be released in the coming weeks.