GQ Lists 50 Beers to Try Right Now

GQ top 50

Another men’s magazine, GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) might not be the type of rag you’d expect to find declarations of great beer, but, hey, if the jockscratchers at Maxim can weigh in, we suppose all is fair game. Especially in a a country of ever-growing respect for craft beer and a divergence from fizzy yellow swill.

Of course, no highbrow column in a magazine geared toward dudes would be complete without a title crutching on some kind of double entendre. GQ makes no exceptions, calling this declaration “I’d Tap That!” and professes that if you can “Drink your way through this list and you’ll instantly raise your beer IQ.” There may be some truth to the hermeneutics approach (thanks Ben), but in total, this fine list of beers seems like a mesh of RateBeer and Beer Advocate faves.

GQ publicist Stephanie Adlerstein McNamara says “We’re living in a golden age for beer. Chances are there are more taps at your corner bar these days than Creedence songs on the jukebox—and maybe more than you know what to do with. Come prepared with’s list of the best beers out there and never fumble for a perfect pint again.

From BrewDog Smokehead to Ommegang Hennepin to Rodenbach Grand Cru, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.”

To view the full list, click here. There’s great pictures that make us want to get a jump on the day’s brews.

It’s hard to argue with most of these beers on the list, but curiously, there are actually 56, not 50, and if you follow the slide show to the end, you might not like a few towards the end (Tecate? Magic Hat #9? Yuengling?) On a positive note, it’s great to see Double Mountain (one of the few breweries to make the list that doesn’t bottle or can, and one of the few from Oregon) get a nod for their Irish Stout. It also made us smile to see Pretty Things jack D’Or and Smuttynose Barleywine on this list. These are two brews we picked up bottles of while in New England recently, but have yet to drink.

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