Night at the Museum (w/Beer)

Is art just imitation of life? If so tonight you can drink in life at the Portland Art Museum where artist and beer lover Eric Steen presents an event that marries the experience of enjoying beer and art. During this one night event, you can sample three new beers from Laurelwood, Lompoc, and Lucky Lab in the museum’s Exterior Sculpture Garden. A brewer from each of the three Portland microbreweries received a tour of the museum’s collection, selected an artwork, and made a beer that will complement that artwork. Sounds nutty? We think so, and that is why we will most definitely be there. According to PAM, this beer sampling is part of a one night event called “Shine A Light: A Night at the Museum”, an event that will host a number of performances, time-based art actions, music, and more. It costs $12 to get in, but the beer is free. Did we mention there’s art there, too. For more information visit