Sharing the Wealth with Grand Larsen-y

Full Sail brewer Kyle Larsen
Full Sail brewer Kyle Larsen

One of Brewpublic’s favorite brewers, Kyle Larsen of Full Sail Brewing, has been working diligently to produce the latest in the brewery’s series of Brewer’s Share beers.  The Brewer’s Share series is a on-tap only series of beers crafted by Full Sail’s team of production brewers and began during the summer of 2008 to celebrate the brewery’s 21st anniversary.

Larsen informed us that his brew of choice is Kyle’s Broken Paddle Black IPA.  The beer began as a Black Rye IPA and earned its name, according to Larsen, “because John (Harris, Full Sail brewmaster) actually broke the super heavy duty mash paddle trying to stir the stuck mash of the now non-existent Black Rye IPA.” After three test batches and some tweaking, the beer is a whole new animal.
Here’s what Larsen calls a “theoretical” description of the forthcoming brew:

“Kyle’s Broken Paddle IBA is an unconventional beer. At first glance it appears to be a stout but upon further investigation you will find a brew with an identity crisis, stuck somewhere between an IPA and a Stout. Pungent, citrus, resiny hop notes dominate a background of roast in the aroma. The flavor opposes the aroma with an emphasis on dark chocolate, complemented by an assertive floral and citrus hop character. It is all backed up by a smooth mouthfeel and an aggressive bitterness.”

Sounds like we need to get our hinies over to the Pilsner Room come March and quaff this beast.

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