Bailey’s Taproom Presents Two May Events – Tin Lip and May Flowers!

As Bailey’s Taproom continues its 10 Years with Bailey’s Taproom yearlong celebration, it will host a few events during the month of May. As a bonus Bailey’s will also launch its latest HAUSBIER, Solo Dolo from Flat Tail Brewing.

The month of events kicks off on Wednesday, May 10th when Tin Bucket celebrates its 4th Anniversary with the event TinLip. Held at The Upper Lip, this has become a tradition that allows Tin Bucket to takeover the taps pouring beers that the crew from Tin Bucket prefer to drink. Beginning at 4:00pm, TinLip will see some rare, special beers on tap along with some special bottles that will be popped throughout the evening. Admission is free, just be prepared to leave your dignity at the door as we are confident that Jason Monge and Jim Bonomo from Tin Bucket will do just that.

On Saturday, May 13th, Bailey’s and The Upper Lip will celebrate the trends of hazy IPAs with its May Flowers! event. Taking a lead from our own Killer IPA Fest from last year where we celebrated the Vermont Style Haze Craze at N.W.I.P.A., Bailey’s and The Upper Lip will tap various cloudy, hazy and single hop beers.

Bailey’s Taproom will celebrate the recent haze craze with beers as cloudy as our beloved Northwest skies at its Head in the Clouds as part of May Flowers!.

The Upper Lip will host its Triple Blind Single Hop Taste Fest. Similar to last year’s Triple Blind Triple IPA Blind Taste Fest, tasters can blindly taste six beers made with Single Hops and guess from a bank of varietals to win prizes along with bragging rights!

Admission is free to May Flowers! and will take place from noon until midnight!

Then come mid-May look for the third installment in Bailey’s Taproom HAUSBIER program. For this quarterly release the beer bar teamed up with Flat Tail Brewing to brew Solo Dolo. Here’s how this collaboration came about from the words of Bailey’s beer buyer Bill Murnighan…

The gang at Bailey’s Taproom have long been friends & fans of the Flat Tail crew and it’s no lie that we ask for a keg (or 3) of Licentious Goat every time we meet. So, when it came time to draw up ideas for a collaborative ale, we decided to make a Kid. No really, a Kid is a baby Goat. Designed for Spring weather, we shrunk down the Licentious Goat recipe to an India Session Ale, decided to use solely Simcoe for hopping, and of course, included a kiss of those lovely herbs that gives the Goat it’s unique flavor. Expect to see Solo Dolo on tap starting Mid-May!

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