Bondi Hipsters Partner With Travel Portland on Crafty Craft Beer

Travel Portland, the private non-profit destination marketing organization, has taken an unusual approach to its latest marketing effort by enlisting the Australian based Bondi Hipsters. The goal of this current marketing push is to gain interest in making Portland a travel destination from residents of Australia and New Zealand.

This ongoing series of videos, Bondi Hipsters Go To Portland, Oregon – Or Don’t, features the comedic duo of Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier in eight videos from Go Collaborate and Barking Owl Communications. During the Bondi’s travels throughout Portland, the characters of Adrian Archer and Dom Nader visit our beloved craft brewing and food cart industries.

Adrian and Dom create a new brewery startup that was filmed at local brewery Ex Novo Brewing. Here they “brew” beers that poke fun at beer geeks and their overzealous appreciation of beer styles. In another video the duo tackles our food cart scene when they open up a food cart named MF Tasty.

“Seriously though. The city of Portland let us make an ad about Portland that references ‘double dumping’ and ‘shelving’… in an actual ad… Paid for by Portland Tourism… If that fact, in and of itself.” – Bondi Hipsters

The fellas also produced a few other satirical clips in their Go To Portland, Or Don’t series…

Portland – Arriving At PDX Airport

Portland – Food For Thought

There will be additional videos released over the coming weeks.