Sockeye Brewing Celebrates 25 Years with a Brand Refresh

Sockeye Brewing celebrates twenty-five years of brewing beer in Boise, Idaho with a brand refresh that will being taking place during the month of June. This marks the first time that the brewery has executed a full brand refresh since opening its doors in 1996.

Sockeye Brewing was founded in 1996 and brews more than 10,000 barrels annually via its 40-barrell brewhouse located in Boise, Idaho. Since its inception 25 years ago, Sockeye has gone on to become one of Idaho’s top-producing craft breweries. Its Dagger Falls IPA is the bestselling Idaho brewed craft beer in the state.

“This year marks a major milestone for Sockeye as we celebrate our 25th year of brewing Idaho’s most awarded craft beer,” said Tyson Cardon, Sales and Marketing Director, in statement. “While reflecting on the past it became clear that as we enter the next 25 years it would be crucial to freshen up our brand, while maintaining key aspects our drinkers have come to love.”

The refresh, spearheaded by local marketing firm Duft & Watterson, features a complete redesign of Sockeye’s iconic fish logo, wordmark, and packaging.

The new packaging features bold, modern designs which pay homage to the iconic Idaho landmarks, of which many of Sockeye’s beers are named, by way of individualized topographic maps. “Each beer named after an Idaho landmark features the actual relief map of the area,” Cardon says. “It’s this attention to detail we feel the award-winning liquid inside the can deserved.”

Sockeye Brewing’s new designs will begin hitting shelves during the month of June with all packaging refreshed by mid-July. Visit for more details.