Cascade Brewing to Release Sang du Chêne

Cascade Brewing is set to release Sang du Chêne 2017 in 500mL bottles and on draft this Friday, August 9th. Sang du Chêne will be available at the brewery’s two Portland-area pubs and through its distribution channels.

Sang du Chêne means “blood of oak”. The base beer is a sour blond and triple ales that were then aged in three distinct oak vessels: toasted French and American oak puncheons, Cognac brandy hogsheads and aged wine foudres. Oak influences are said to be the highlight, providing flavors of toasted sugars, vanillin and spice that are complemented by the bright acidity and fruity character of the base beers. Sang du Chêne sits at 9.7% ABV.

“The 2017 Sang du Chêne captures the marriage of wood and beer at its finest,” said Kevin Martin, Cascade Director of Brewing Operations, in a statement.