pFriem Family Brewers Debuts New West Coast IPA

August 7th, 2023 – Hood River, Oregon – This August, pFriem Family Brewers is excited to unveil their West Coast IPA, the latest addition to their annual line-up, available in 12oz 6-pack cans. Infused with aromatic hops and a crisp, refreshing palate, this beer represents a modern twist on the classic West Coast style, catering to the evolving tastes of craft beer drinkers. This exciting addition complements their existing core styles which include Pilsner, Lager, IPA, Hazy IPA, and Pale.

Josh Pfriem, Co-founder and Brewmaster at pFriem Family Brewers, shared insights on the current market dynamics: “There is a unique intersection right now. You have a vibrant and strong market in Hazy IPAs, which are known for their big, fruity, tropical, sticky, and soft flavors.”

Josh continues, “At the same time, a good portion of drinkers are exploring various options like hard seltzers, canned mixed drinks, and more. There’s also a segment that wants the clear character of an IPA but craves the fruitiness of the Hazy IPAs.”

In response to these evolving preferences, pFriem Family Brewers has worked to balance the traditional aspects of IPAs with innovative brewing techniques and ingredients.

“West Coast IPAs have been around for over 20 years, but the new ones are much less bitter, more aromatic, and brewed with a modern touch incorporating what we have learned over the last 20 years. In general, people are asking for these beers,” adds Josh.

pFriem Family Brewers’ West Coast IPA is carefully brewed with high-quality pale malt from British Columbia, and a touch of corn sugar to allow the hops to effuse a vibrant aroma. The beer incorporates a masterful blend of Pacific Northwest’s powerhouse, Citra, and Oregon’s new-school hop, Strata. This fusion creates bright, aromatic notes of tangerine, cannabis, strawberry, starfruit, and grapefruit, and features a lean and bright palate. This contemporary interpretation of the classic style is designed to be dry and crisp, with a modern and striking hop profile.

Josh reflects on the evolving nature of IPAs, “IPA continues to evolve and change over time. West Coast IPA is a reflection of the moment – big fruity and impactful flavors on a lean and bright body.”

He goes on to elaborate on what consumers are currently looking for, “Beer drinkers are asking for IPA that has the impact of big fruity flavors, while managing balance in creating something that is bright, drinkable, dynamic, and something that you want to drink more than one of.”

Josh also points out the importance of concentrated hop products, “Concentrated hop products are part of this mission. As they evolve, so will West Coast IPA. Whether used in high or small quantities, they will help with the future of this style.”

Finally, he compares the West Coast IPA to its counterpart, the Hazy IPA, “If you can harness some of the more delicate flavors of hops, while leaving some of the vegetal ones behind, it allows you to do this on a leaner and more dry body. Opposite of what you are accomplishing in a Hazy IPA.”

Josh concludes, “Our West Coast IPA is created to drink easily with tons of flavor. At pFriem we love nuance, we have brewed a beer that drinks great in casual settings, but with big impact. Whether you are at a show, backyard BBQ, or wrapping up your favorite outdoor mission, this West Coast IPA provides a delightful hoppy experience that keeps your palate fired up for more!”

Beginning in early August, draft of the pFriem West Coast IPA will be available in key accounts in Oregon and Washington. By the end of August, packaged 6-packs will make their debut, retailing at $11.99 across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with limited distribution in Southern California and Nevada.

About pFriem Family Brewers
pFriem Family Brewers (pronounced “freem”) is a Northwest and European-inspired brewery and tasting room in Hood River, OR. Founded in 2012, pFriem has experienced incredible growth in the past decade and has earned prestigious awards, including being named GABF® 2018 Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year, Three-Time Brewery of the Year by the Beer Connoisseur, and numerous medals in national and international brewing competitions. Best known for artisanal beers influenced by the great brewers of Europe while staying true to homegrown roots in the Pacific Northwest, pFriem craft beers are unmistakably unique in both flavor and balance.

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