Alameda "Rye Not?" Release

Alameda Brewhouse has announced the release of their latest specialty brew. “Rye Not?” is the brainchild of brewer Eric Rolerkite and is a traditional Bavarian Roggenbier. Alameda brewer Sean White says “This is an exciting chance to try a traditional style of beer that doesn’t make it to the states very often, and is rarely brewed at American breweries.”

The beer, which Rolerkite describes as a cool-weather session beer, is dark brown, like a dunkeweizen, and uses Alameda’s house Bavarian wheat strain to emphasize banana and clove yeast aromas. According to White, instead of wheat, Alameda used a whopping 45 % Rye malt which gives it a discernible rye flavor and mouthfeel. It comes in at 4.9% ABV, and about 15 IBU using all Tettnager hops.

The beer is slated for release on Friday October 15 at 3PM.

Alameda Brewhouse is located at 4765 NE Fremont Street in Portland, Oregon. For more information, call (503) 460-9025.