Soon To Kickoff Brewvana Brewery Tours Offers Zwickelers a Lift

Brewvana Brewery Tours

Soon Portland craft beer enthusiasts and tourists will find it a little easier to make their way around the city’s vast selections of craft beer. Beginning in April 1, 2011, Brewvana Brewery Tours will run their first public tours.

Founded by Hopworks employee Ashley Salvitti, Brewvana promises to embraces everything about the history and culture of the brewing industry in Portland. “My bus and I will will make our debut in Portland for Zwickelmania 2011. I am in charge of the North and Northeast Portland Route.” she says. “This will be a good intro to the brewery scene, and the following week I will begin talking to breweries and building my tours.”

For more information about Brewvana Brewery Tours, visit their website: or email

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