Beers Gone Wild

Due to popular demand, Oregon Beer Odyssey (OBO) returns with another session of wild and sour ale tasting.  OBO’s classes and workshops are offered on a rotating basis and are designed to further people’s knowledge of and experience with craft beer.

At different venues geared toward the craft beer palate, OBO provides a unique approach to education and appreciation of various nuances encompassed within the vast realm of beer. According to co-founder Ben Edmunds “We select rare, world-class beers that will expand your palate and challenge your notion of how beer can taste. In a relaxed yet structured setting, we offer organized tastings with ample time for note taking, discussion, and additional sampling. Classes range from introductions to world beer styles to seminars about pairing gourmet food and craft beer to in-depth workshops on specific types of beer.”

Brewpublic experienced OBO’s last wild and sour class, and was quite impressed not only by how informative it was, but also by the entertaining expedition that Edmunds took us on through an interactive and interesting involvement of the senses. The wild and sour class is just one of many that OBO continues to offer. Considering the value of these courses that include some world class tastings, we could understand their ever growing popularity.

Edmunds says “We’re presenting one of our most popular and unique classes this weekend—Wild and Sour Beers at The BeerMongers (1125 SE Division), one of our favorite bottle shops in the city!”

Join Oregon Beer Odyssey at The BeerMongers this Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 2:30PM and learn about why sour is the new hoppy. This is a mind-expanding class; try beers and styles that you’ve never experienced and learn about the creative, difficult process of making these beautiful brews. Register for class at Also, make sure to check out other upcoming classes .

Beer and Food Class at Saraveza

Tuesday, May 18, we’ll be offering a brand new class featuring delicious beer and food pairings. The focus will be on pairing world-class beers with artisan cheeses and cured meats! This class is a vegan’s nightmare and a foodie’s dream. We may even add some special chocolate and beer pairings to sweeten the class up! Come and indulge! Register online today.

Sunday, May 16, 2:30 Great Beers of the Northwest

Monday, May 17, 7:00 Tasting and Talking About Beer

Friday, May 21, 7:00 Beers of Italy!

Haven’t been to an Oregon Beer Odyssey class yet? What are you waiting for? OBO’s classes are geared toward a range folks who love craft beer. Attendees range from novices just getting into good beer to professional brewers and uber beer geeks. There’s really something for everybody, so check out a class soon!

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