Enjoy Rotating Brews at Rock Bottom

I put my name on it -Charlie Hutchins

Starting Tuesday January 24 and running through Sunday February 19, 2012, Portland, Oregon’s Rock Bottom Brewery will feature an assortment of their best specialty brews. Brewmaster Charles Hutchins exclaims “Come drink my beer!” adding, “Enjoy these rotating beers and raise a toast to me, the Brewmaster.”

The beer that will be featuring during this period will including Rock Bottom’s Maltnomah Porter, Quiet Ryet, Zombie Flanders Grand Cuvee (sour ale), an American Stout, and an Oatmeal Stout.

Rock Bottom Brewers Charlie Hutchins (left) and Bolt Minister

Rock Bottom Brewery is located at 206 SW Morrison Street in Portland, Oregon. For more details, call (503) 976-BREW or visit www.rockbottom.com/portland

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