Abram Goldman-Armstrong

Abram Goldman-Armstrong
Abram Goldman-Armstrong

Abram Goldman-Armstrong is a quintessential Oregon beer guy.  Not only is he an avid beer writer for several publications such as Northwest Brewing News, Armstrong also frequently homebrews, and even more impressive, he builds bars.  His passion for sustainable and organic brewing are exemplified through his work in organizing the North American Organic Brewers Festival. Running since 2003, the festival is the largest of its kind, exhibiting flavorsome green (in a good way) beers from around the world. Spending time traveling and studying throughout Europe, Armstrong impressively became a certified BJCP judge at the age of 21.  Armstrong’s passion for sustainable craft brewing is rivaled only by his love for the Portland Timbers, Oregon’s professional soccer team with a dedicated following. He has aided in the construction of Oregon’s “first eco brewpub” Hopworks Urban Brewery (aka H.U.B.) which employs several environmentally ethical practices while producing some award winning brews.  Armstrong is a spokesperson for S.N.O.B. (Supporters of Native Oregon Beer) and is very passionate about his native Pacific Northwest which he often refers to as “Cascadia.”  He took a few minutes to do our latest Brewpublic Q & A.  Here goes:

If trapped on a dessert island with just one tap line, what beer would you choose to drink (yeah that’s a tough one)?

AGA: A dessert island- Rogue Shakespeare stout, it goes well with chocolate. Desert island- the same, as long as it in was a temperate climate, it’s the ultimate beach beer, considering here in Oregon temperature on the beach is generally below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
Similarly, if you could have just one last beer, what would that be?

AGA: That’s hard, I think it would have to be a barleywine, Let’s say Roots Pinot Barrel aged Epic Ale, it’s very complex, giving me a lot to muse on, plus the 14% abv would help take away the pain.

Name five of your favorite brews (won’t hold you to these).

1. Crannog Backhand of God Stout
2. Deschutes Jubelale on cask
3. Beamish
4. Hoegaarden
5. Pelican IPA

Are there any beers out there that you would like to try that you haven’t yet?

AGA: Yes, lots. I would love to go on a beer tour of New Zealand, I’ve been impressed by the beers I have tried from there. Also I’d love to revisit England and Scotland I haven’t been there in over a decade and am sure there are lots of great real ales to discover.

Name one or more of your favorite food pairings?

AGA: Pizza with lots of oregano and IPA, I don’t even like pizza usually, that just sounds good now.
Lamb stew with cider used to deglaze the pan after browning the lamb (this is fantastic though you need a traditional dry cider, as the tannins from the cider make the lamb very tender), paired with my own stout (dry Irish style) with bread and butter.
Sausage rolls and hoppy NW pale ale on cask (either Red Seal, or Rogue YSB).