Beers Made By Walking – Seattle Summer Hikes

Beers Made By Walking Seattle Edition - Seward Park Hike
Beers Made By Walking will be making a few trips up to Seattle this summer with the first hike set for Seward Park on June 18th. The hike’s free tickets are now available that will feature Epic Ales and Brickyard Brewing.

Developed by Eric Steen, Beers Made By Walking is a program that invites brewers to make beer inspired by plants on nature hikes, is teaming up with the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed in Seattle. Together they have created a three-part series of summer hikes with local breweries. The first hike will be on June 18th at Seward Park and is open to the public.

In addition to learning about water issues in the region, hikers will learn about the edible and medicinal plants that grow along the trail. These plants will inspire a series of beers that will serve as drinkable, landscape portraits of the trails that we walk. In the Fall, these beers will be available to the public and will serve as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed.

The hikes are free, but registration is required. Tickets will become available approximately a week before each hike. You can follow the Facebook Event Page for Seattle Area Beers Made By Walking Hikes to receive updates about the program. Location information is available on the ticket.

June 18 – Seward Park
Tickets Available Now:
Description: Take a leisurely stroll in Seattle’s well known park. We’ll walk about 2.5-3 miles while stopping to talk about water and plants. The park is dog friendly, so feel free to bring them along.
When: Wednesday, June 18, 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Breweries: Epic Ales, Brickyard Brewing

July Hike /// TBA

September Hike /// TBA

About Friends of the Cedar River Watershed:
Friends of the Cedar River Watershed works with community members to enhance and restore the Cedar River/Lake Washington/Lake Sammamish watershed, which provides drinking water to more than 1 million people, as well as critical salmon habitat. Through hands-on volunteer opportunities and environmental education, we are working to protect the State’s most populous watershed and inspire the next generation of watershed stewards.

About Beers Made By Walking:
Beers Made By Walking is a program that invites people to step outside and see the place they live in a new light. We invite brewers to take nature walks and make beer inspired by the plants identified on the trail. Since 2011, we have worked with over 45 breweries in Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Our hiking and tasting events act as educational and fundraising programs for environmental organizations in the regions we serve.