Explore Anchor's Christmas Ale with Kim's Bay Brews

The fine folks over at Brew Age released a video featuring Brewpublic’s Bay Area blogger, Kim Schimke. In this episode of Brew Age, Schimke (a.k.a. Kim’s Bay Brews) chats with San Francisco based winemaker Carl Sutton about the nuances of Anchor Brewing’s Christmas Ale.

This year’s Christmas Ale, now in its 39th year, is brewed with a new recipe for every Christmas season. And the recipe variation is not the only thing new every passing year. Each label contains a different tree all done in a classy and consistent rendering for every year.

You can follow Kim Schimke on Instagram. And if you want to learn more about Carl Sutton you can check out his wine based website.

Merry Christmas from Brewpublic

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