Brewers Association Continues To Beat Drum About Craft Beer Independence

Independent Craft Brewer Seal - PHOTO ©BREWERS ASSOCIATION
Independent Craft Brewer Seal – PHOTO ©BREWERS ASSOCIATION

The Brewers Association marketing campaign of the upside down beer bottle continues with two new promotional videos. Its new “That’s Independence You’re Tasting” features two new videos that put a focus on independence and choice.

Last year the BA, the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, unveiled its independent craft brewer seal for its 4,800 plus brewer members. To date over 3700 breweries have adopted this seal in some fashion.

This new “That’s Independence You’re Tasting” advertising campaign is part of the BA’s work to differentiate its brewer members from breweries that have sold out to larger brewer owners such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors, Constellation Brands, Heineken and others. However, the one important item that the BA unfortunately glances over in these two new videos is quality.

“Independent craft brewers are a success story for American industry,” said Bob Pease, president & CEO, Brewers Association in a statement. “Each of the over 6,600 U.S. craft breweries is a unique contributor to its community and should be celebrated. As a national campaign, ‘That’s Independence You’re Tasting’ generates awareness beyond any one individual brewery or beer and touches the spirit of independence that is a core American value. We are proud to be able to do for all our BA members what would be extremely difficult for them to do individually. Together we are united in independence.”

“‘That’s Independence You’re Tasting’ is designed to keep independent craft brewers and their beers top of mind. Our hope is that after being exposed to these stories, beer lovers are moved to support independent breweries and seek the seal when making their beer purchases,” added Pease in a statement. “By choosing a beer that has the independent craft brewer seal, the beer drinker knows that they are supporting a brewery with ties to the community.”

To learn more about “That’s Independence You’re Tasting” and the independent craft brewer seal, visit—the Brewers Association’s website for beer lovers—follow along on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and join the discussion at #SeektheSeal.