2019 Festival of Funk Roadshow Visits The Belmont Fermentorium

Though the Festival of Funk will take place in San Diego, Modern Times Beer will be featuring a few of its selections that will be part of this festival at its Portland outpost. Modern Times brings the 2019 Festival of Funk Roadshow to The Belmont Fermentorium, that now runs solely on wind driven power, from Saturday, May 25th through Monday, May 27th.

Here’s a preview of the Modern Times beers that will be flowing all weekend long.

Festival of Funk Roadshow Tap List:
Foeder Ice: Radler Edition (oak-aged pilsner w/ mega-blend of in-season citrus–3%)
Dry-Hopped Modern Eden w/ Lemon & Lime Zest (wine barrel-aged saison–5%)
New Atlantis (red wine barrel-aged sour saison blend–7.5%)
New Atlantis w/ Dragonfruit, Mango, Apricot, & Pineapple (red wine barrel-aged sour saison blend–7.1%)
New Atlantis w/ Pineapple, Blood Orange, & Guava (red wine barrel-aged sour saison blend–7%)
New Atlantis w/ Blackcurrant (red wine barrel-aged sour saison blend–7.1%)

Entry is free and all beers are pay as you go, therefore an easy way to enjoy these funky beers! Beers will begin pouring each when doors open to the tap room at 11:00am.

Modern Times Beer – The Belmont Fermentorium
630 SE Belmont
Portland, OR 97214