Lombard House To Host 8th Annual BenFest on October 21, 2018

The 8th annual BenFest will return to Portland on Sunday, October 21, 2018 from 2:00-10:00pm. This year’s event that features beers all brewed by brewers named Ben will take place at Lombard House in North Portland and will be a benefit for the Ben Flerchinger Foundation.

The daylong even will feature beers from Ben Love of Gigantic Brewing, Ben Edmunds of Breakside Brewery, Ben Tilley of Agrarian Ales, Ben Kehs of Deschutes Brewery, Ben Engler of Occidental Brewing, Ben Parsons of Baerlic Brewing and Ben Dobler, legendary Oregon brewer.

In addition to these beers pouring Chef Doug Adams has graciously donated 200 pounds of pork that he will be smoking and making sandwiches out of. Proceeds from the food will be going to charity along with a portion of all of the beer sold to the Ben Flerchinger Foundation.

Stay up to date on the 8th annual BenFest by following its Facebook Event Page.

Lombard House
7337 N Lombard
Portland, OR 97203