GoodLife Brewing Returns with a Second Set: G. Love’s Special Sauce – The Juice IPA

G. Love supporting his collaboration beer with GoodLife Brewing at Rontoms in Portland. (photo by Cat Stelzer)

One year later, GoodLife Brewing and Garret Dutton, better known as G. Love collaborate on a second beer with G. Love’s Special Sauce – The Juice IPA. Last year’s G. Love’s Special Sauce – Danky Dankster, proved to be quite the hit for the summer. And not to pass up another opportunity to collaborate, the two are back at it for a second set for the summer of 2019!

Taking the name from his latest single, The Juice, G. Love worked with the team at GoodLife Brewing on this new beer together. For this new collaboration, the two worked on taking last year’s Danky Dankster IPA to new heights with this year’s The Juice IPA.

GoodLife Brewing and G. Love's Special Sauce – The Juice IPA

“I am really looking forward to this year’s G. Love’s Special Sauce beer release,” said Ty Barnett, co-owner of GoodLife Brewing, in a statement. “Last year’s was the first year, and when we mentioned we wanted to brew an IPA, he was like “Oh man, let’s make it a Danky Dank one!” Thus came the Danky Dankster IPA, and it was good! This year, our brewers and G. Love got to talking beer and they had been playing around with new yeasts and new hops that were really pulling out some huge orange, tangerine, and citrus flavors. As they were talking beer with G. Love, he said that he was working on a song called “The Juice” for his new album. So, this year we are presenting G. Love’s Special Sauce – The Juice IPA! And it’s crazy good. I personally like it better than last year’s. I mean, they are both great beers, but The Juice is a lot easier drinking, citrus forward west coast style IPA that just makes you want to put on some great music on a sunny day.”

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The Juice is described as being super citrusy but has the clarity not associated with modern day juicy IPAs. This IPA pours a bright pale yellow color with a thick head and nice lacing on the glass. Utilizing 2-Row Pale and Pilsner base malts, along with a little Carapils malt and rolled oats, we have created layered, clean malt flavors that accentuate the nearly 3 lbs per barrel of hops used in this beer. Laced with Mandarina Bavaria, Mosaic, Centennial, Amarillo and Comet hops, there are aromas that are both citrusy, slightly herbal, and of course, juicy. A medium bodied beer with a crisp bitterness, the juicy/citrus notes come through with a subtle soft mouthfeel on this beer. G. Love’s Special Sauce is a juicy and drinkably pleasant IPA at 6.8% ABV.

“I was honestly worried about changing the flavor profile from last spring’s Danky Dankster IPA but one sip of The Juice had me grinning ear to ear,” stated G. Love in a prepared statement. “I truly believe we have concocted an even tastier brew. The Juice is the juiciest juice around. This super drinkable IPA is refreshingly delicious. There’s a lift at the finish which I describe as the “Juice Cloud.” I know it’s my beer, but honestly this is the best beer I’ve tasted possibly in my life.” When G and the brewers were discussing flavor profile, the brewers used the word “juicy” and G riffed on that and said, “let’s call it The Juice.”

For the release of The Juice IPA, GoodLife Brewing will make a couple stops in Oregon and one in Tacoma with beer release and live performances from G. Love. Unfortunately, as of today there is not a Portland stop listed.

Love’s Special Sauce PNW Beer Tour – Live Shows & Beer Release Parties

  • 6/15- Bend, OR– GoodLife Brewing’s 8th Anniversary Party
  • 6/18- Eugene, OR– Follow us on Instagram for more info (@goodlifebrewing)
  • 6/19- Tacoma, WA– Alma Mater (Fawcett Hall)
G. Love cracks open his collaboration beer with GoodLife Brewing at Rontoms in Portland. (photo by Cat Stelzer)

Love’s Special Sauce – The Juice IPA will be available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Vermont, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and New York City from Mid-May thru September. G. Love’s Special Sauce IPA will be available in 1/6 BBL’s, 1/2 BBL’s, and six-packs of cans.

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