Wayfinder Beer To Re-Open on June 29th

image of the sprawling outdoor deck courtesy of Wayfinder Beer
image of the sprawling outdoor deck courtesy of Wayfinder Beer

A week ago Multnomah County reopened during Phase 1 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now a few breweries that decided to take a wait and see approach are beginning to reopen. The latest to announce its reopening is Wayfinder Beer. The Southeast Portland brewery will reopen for on-premise consumption on Monday, June 29th with hours everyday from 3:00-9:00pm.

Over the past week Wayfinder Beer began rehiring employees as it deeply sanitized the kitchen, restaurant, and sprawling outdoor deck. The brewer also developed a new set of procedures and policies during this pandemic. Here’s what to expect come Monday…

First off, let’s all be good humans, we’ve all been through a lot and the new health and social distancing requirements are going to take some getting used to. Our first priority is keeping you and our treasured staff safe. We will require you to wear a mask when entering and when you are not at your table. If you do not have one you can always purchase this cosmic face covering from us. (https://www.wayfinder.beer/shop).

When you arrive you will be seated at a table by a host. You will see that we have reorganized our space with proper social distancing in mind and will ask you to stay at your table with your group unless you need to go to the restroom. When using the restroom you will be required to wear a mask. Please maintain 6 ft from other guests who are not in your party at all times. We kindly ask that your group leaves your table upon finishing your meal and payment, so we can sanitize and welcome the next guests on the waiting list.

And if you’re just looking to pick up a few beers from Wayfinder, the brewery has quite the selection available in cans. The brewery is currently closed for pickup until Monday but the brewery is still running its beer delivery to most of Portland. Find out more here: https://www.wayfinder.beer/drink.

Here’s a look at what’s currently available in cans from Wayfinder Beer…

KOLLAPS – Kölsch-Style Ale
4.7% abv
Drying, delicate, pillowy-effervescent with a mellow, spicy hop finish. The city of Cologne on the Rhine river in western Germany is renowned for its “Kölsch” beer. Although it utilizes a top-fermenting ale yeast, Kölsch is fermented relatively cold and further cold-conditioned. It ends up being very clear and yellow, with a slightly fruity aroma, and a sharp crispness.  Pairs well with Summer.

HELL – Lagerbier Hell
4.7% abv
2019 GABF medal winner & 2019 Oregon Beer of the Year at the Oregon Beer Awards. Crisp, light, refreshing, brilliantly effervescent with a floral, noble hop aroma.

COLD KUSH – Faded and Decocted IPA – Collaboration with Great Notion
7.1% abv
A hazy ipa brewed with malt liquor base and an avalanche of hops. It took a few Zoom chats to figure the logistics, but we were able to stay 6 feet apart, gloved and masked, and decoct this adjunct brew in the real world. Loads and loads of Citra and Strata with ever-more Galaxy on the cold side. Tons of juicy and sticky hops. Mango, passionfruit, super lemon haze.

CZAF – Decocted Czech-Style Pilsner
4.9% abv
Boiled bohemian malt, heavily hopped with Saaz. Bright, floral, delicious AF.

7.0% abv
Cleanly fermented, punchingly aromatic and dry. A deliciously power-hungry IPA with a weighty dry-hop. Clean, floral, dry.

TERRIFICA –  Italian-Style Horror Pilsner
4.7% abv
We designed this special Pilsner with help from our friends at Heater Allen Brewing and Modern Times’ Belmont Fermentorium here in Portland. Aggressively spicy, citrusy, floral and yeasty elements ride above a dry, crisp, lightly golden malt backbone. A distinctive yet elegant take on a most classic style. Rated one of the best 11 beers in America by Bloomberg News!

And if you don’t live in the Portland area, Tavour, the online beer store, delivers Wayfinder Beer to quite a few states. Find more info here: https://www.tavour.com/.

Wayfinder Beer
304 SE 2nd Ave
Portland, OR