Hopstories: Oregon Brew Crew

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Oregon’s oldest homebrew club, Oregon Brew Crew, turns an amazing 35 years old this year. Founded in 1979, the Oregon Brew Crew is one of the oldest and largest homebrew clubs in the country. This group is passionate about volunteerism, giving back to their community, and educating homebrewers so that they can take the next step and become professional brewers. The Oregon Brew Crew is an unique blend of hobbyists, professional brewers, and craft beer pioneers.

Hopstories recently worked with the Oregon Brew Crew to film a video as part of their entrance for the American Homebrew Association Radegast Award. Named for the Slavic god of hospitality who is credited with creating beer, the Radegast Club of the Year award is not achieved through competition, but with community building efforts that benefit the greater good and local society. It is the American Homebrewers Association’s and AHA Governing Committee’s hope that this award will encourage clubs across the country and around the world to make an effort to impact their communities and spread the joys of homebrewing far and wide.

The following video does an excellent job at showing how much the Oregon Brew Crew gives back to the local beer community. Without their assistance, Portland’s craft beer scene would not be where its at today. Whether the Oregon Brew Crew wins this Radegast Award or not, we know and surely appreciate the work that they do for those of us that enjoy the fine beers of Portland. Cheers!


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