More Details on Boneyard and John Harris Collaboration Ale

Boneyard Beer

Earlier this month we reported on a new collaborative beer being brewed in Bend, OR at Boneyard Beer between the brewery’s founder Tony Lawrence and former Full Sail Brewmaster John Harris.

Brewmaster John Harris and Boneyard founder/brewer Tony LawrenceHarris, who is in between regular brewing jobs, after leaving his illustrious brewmaster post at Full Sail to break ground on his next independent brewery venture, is a mentor to Lawrence. Harris brought in Lawrence to “wreck his life” as a cleanup brewer. That was more than two decades ago.

Now, 22 years later, and several 22-ounce bottles of beers later, the two have reunited to brew a fantastically hoppy wheaten ale dubbed ALEIAS.”  Brewed during the second week of September, ALEIAS was brewed in a tank named “Harris” after the Lawrence’s mentor.

ALEIAS will be released in Portland, OR on October 4, 2012 at three of the city’s top craft beer destinations. Here’s the full details from a presser sent out last night from Harris:

Brewed by Boneyard Beer in collaboration with John Harris long time Oregon Brewmaster.

Tony Lawrence, Boneyard’s  Brewmaster and Co-Owner, and John Harris met up many moons ago back in their days at Deschutes Brewery. Back then John hired Tony to “wreck his life” as a cleanup brewer. Now 22 year’s later Tony is rocking it down at Boneyard Beer. He called up John and said “we need to brew a beer together and ferment it in the “Harris” tank.”  John said the what tank?  Tony explained that he names his tanks at Boneyard after people. John said “Wow. you named a tank after me”

So on September 10th Tony and John met up at Boneyard to brew a India Wheat Ale (IWA).  Featuring a good portion of wheat malt along with pale malt and a touch of crystal then hopping it well beyond Boneyard’s RPM IPA. Simcoe and Amarillo were used exclusively throughout the process. Aleias IWA has a crisp malt character with loads of citrus and tropical hop flavor coming from  using 3.5 pounds of hops per barrel.  Aleias was dry hopped 3 times. Only 40 barrels of this 7.1% beer were produced. Get it while you can!

Aleias will be released on October 4th
Roving release party. Come hang with Tony and John.
5pm Belmont Station
6:30ish Horsebrass Pub
8:00ish Apex