Moose and Squirrel

A different kind of Moose and Squirrel
A different kind of Moose and Squirrel

John Foyston reminds us that another wonderful Portland brew is available in bottles.

Laurelwood owner Mike Dekalb brings welcome news: the pub’s Moose & Squirrel Russian Imperial StoutLaurelwood locations in 1-liter swingtop bottles for $12 each. They’ve made more this year, but we both know that doesn’t meant that you can just lollygag around and still expect to find a bottle. buy early and often, and plan on laying down any extras in the cellar… is available now at

An impressive sight: Moose & Squirrel flanked by 22s of Vinter Varmer and Free Range Red…
Organic Free Range Red and Vinter Varmer– Now In 22 oz. Bottles!

Organic Free Range Red is a super drinkable, copper-colored ale with loads of fresh hop flavor, brewed with 100% Organically-grown malts.

Vinter Varmer is our salute to the winter months. Dark, strong, hoppy and delicious!

Look for these beers now at your local specialty grocer or bottle shop in 22oz bottles! Vinter Varmer is also available for sale at our pubs.


My notes from last taste indicated Poured a opaque dark black-brown body with a thick tan head.  Peaty, nutty, chocolaty flavor with hits of creamy milk chocolate in there.  Finished a little weak considering initial flavor.  Still quite good.

If you can spot this beer aged in bourbon casks…fahgeddaboutit!  Delish!


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