Cicerone Certification Program Celebrates Beer Clean Glass Day

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a bar and being served a quality beer that has been mistreated by serving it in a dirty glass. In addition to not properly maintaining draft lines, this is a problem in the beer industry that is all too common. It can happen even at the best beer bar or your local haunt that’s known for serving industrial lagers.

The Cicerone Certification Program is bringing this mistreatment of beer to the forefront on Saturday, April 27, 2019 when it celebrates Beer Clean Glass Day. This day is designed to raise awareness about appropriate service standards and of course to thank those bars, restaurants, and breweries who maintain these standards.

A clean beer glass is more than just serving beer in a sterile glass but to show off the beauty of the beer being poured. Glasses that are not properly cleaned may produce an off flavor in addition to a beer that looks flat and unappealing!

“To get a beautifully poured beer you have to have a beer clean glass,” said John Scholl, Marketing Manager for Cicerone in a statement. “Even though many establishments have suitable cleaning procedures and sanitized glassware, it doesn’t mean that it’s truly beer clean glassware. Guests are rewarded when they visit a business that puts in extra effort to their beer program.”

To participate in Beer Clean Glass Day just tag #BeerCleanGlass in photos of beautifully poured beer across social media on April 27th, 2019. The Cicerone Program will be sharing and retweeting their favorite photos throughout the day

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